Knightly Earring

Finally I got my hands on something I’ve been wanting to get for a long time! Thanks to some of the folks in Heaven’s Inferno, I managed to assemble a party and get to Riverne - Site B#01, where the notorious monster Imdugud was. Assembling took a bit, but since no one is ever there (probably due to the level 50 cap?) it soon appeared after some hyppogriph kills. Things got a little rough during the fight (no referesher) but in the end we won. Vigieous, our thief, delivered the finishing blow: not sure if it’s myth or not, but I admit we were extremely lucky. Knightly Earring (my target) dropped, and also the Heavy Lance. Heavy Lance will go to one of our dragoons, I’ll inform the linkshell’s council soon.

In any case, finally I got one of MY endgame items. The rest are the Valor relic armor and/or the AF+1, much harder to get…

Here’s a picture of my group after the fight:


And here’s the earring in all its glory:


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