As today was almost completely uneventful (and kept on raining), I’m putting together an all-in-one entry. First of all I played more with the webcam on Linux. The exposure setting and some other gamma corrections can’t be really set in real-time yet, so it tends to get a little dark. Nevertheless I can get some decent results, here’s an example picture of my desk:


I also tried to update my old Mandriva 2006.0 installation on the desktop (shown in the image) but I couldn’t get urpmi to update the unofficial KDE repository. Sadly I think those packages are too broken for my tastes, I should have used direct backports from the development version. I guess I’ll reinstall the new version over the old one as soon as I get the chance.
As the sidebar shows, I got Grandia III a few days ago. I’m playing it and I like it so far, I just hope it isn’t too short (Wild ARMs 4 was a real disappointment in that sense) and that the story doesn’t suck. I’m putting Magna Carta on hold because the plot (and the game system) is terribly slow.
Later today I have a KS30 run in FFXI, hoping to get some good items. I also have to watch Fate/stay night #7, I’ll do that tomorrow night.

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