Bertinoro - Day 3

I just came home and I’m terribly tired, so I’ll be rather brief. This morning we had four lectures, including two interesting ones on protein structure prediction, though one speaker was too fast and I almost couldn’t take notes.

Then we went in the afternoon to Ravenna. I took some pictures during the sightseeing and I’ll post them when I get home. We visited the “Mausoleo of Teodorico”, the “Basilica di S.Apollinare in Classe” and the Arian Baptistery. Then we had an hour of free roaming (couldn’t see much) and then came back to our bus. Getting back to the rooms was a pain, thanks to an extremely steep slope. I was dead tired, and so were the others, but we managed to go to a nice pizzeria near our place. Extremely nice food, and I didn’t get to pay anything. It was also a great fun.

Now I’m going to hit the bed, as tomorrow there’s another wake-up call at 6.45…

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