Mixed entry (yet again)

I haven’t been writing on this blog as much as I wanted, partly because of tiredness, partly because of my always-present tiredness.

Today I delivered the receipts from the Bertinoro school and also from Trieste: I hope I get a refund fairly quickly (although usually “fairly quickly” means around 3-4 months if I’m lucky). Also, these days I’m working on the DNAcopy package from Bioconductor (a series of add-on packages for R) to see if I can use the data from Affymetrix’s Chromosome Copy Number Analysis Tool to get a genome-wide view on copy number aberrations (CNAT only permits you to see one chromosome at a time). It’s quite heavy on computational resources, and for no reason quant (my work machine) reboots after a while, so I had to run it on another computer.

On the Final Fantasy Front, I’m preparing to help my friend Sechs to do the Zilart Missions 14 and 16. This will finally enable me to get my group and complete the Chain of Promathia Mission 8-5, the last one (at last!).


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