I really can’t believe some people on the Internet act all rough when all you ask them is to be more polite when certain people are around.

The issue at stake happened in FFXI, when someone went out with a “C**t” curse because of something. Now, Both my brother and me don’t like those kind of things. All my brother did was asking politely to avoid saying such things in public when he was around, and he got flamed by a certain person (who shall remain nameless).

The issue was brought up again at a sackholder’s meeting yesterday (the person was missing) but no one raised particular concerns in being a little respectful when we were around regarding those things (note: anyone could have said anything when people not offended by this hadn’t been around). Then, on the forum discussing the meeting minutes this person raises hell, claiming censorship.

I’m not very fond of a certain North American way of thinking and this person represents it very well: prideful and self-righteous. In any case, there were other and more urgent matters to discuss of rather than bitching (excuse the term) for something that would require 0.01 seconds of thinking. I’m really amazed that a person could get so upset when asked for a little more respect towards the others. Certain Americans should learn they aren’t the only beings on this planet.

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