That (which represent a person kneeling in dejection) is my thought after last night’s Final Fantasy XI run. I assembled a group to take on PM8-5, the last mission so far, and I was pretty confident we could win without too many problems.

Well, I was wrong. The battle involves two enemies, who I had already seen in  Zilart Missions 8 and 16. One likes to spam magic, the other has extremely annoying abilities. Getting the first one (the magic user) down is not too hard, although if his magic is not stunned the damage is pretty high. However, every time we managed to defeat this, people started dying very fast with the other. Some moves can actually one-shot people (me included).

We’re retrying this Wednesday, and this time I’ll be doing it with my original group (one of us wasn’t there thanks to a power outage). I really want some revenge!

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