Xolotl Xtrapolator

I’ve been spending a bit of my time last week to do several FFXI-related events. The most important are related to Assault, as me and my group (Eithin, Mercredi, Sechs and Billyism) managed to win all the level 1 Assaults, and therefore we got promoted to Private First Class (PFC), which sounds a little better than the lame Private Second Class. Here are also some random images from the new areas:

Kokba Hostel Rice cakes


Two days ago I got to fight Xololtl, a corse undead notorious monster that walks around Attohwa Chasm at night. Despite a terrible start (one of the white mages there got attacked before we were ready and we wiped big time), and some rather _unconventional _way of fighting (Xolotl summons two undead minions that weren’t dealt with properly) we managed to kill it (and I found out I can handle it well, despite all the Paladin-bashing talks that are so common recently). The Bandomusha Kote dropped, also: (image taken from Allakhazam but mirrored here - I don’t steal bandwidth)

Bandomusha Kote

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