As the terrace in my house has been finally completed after almost a year, I’m writing from there. While I’m relaxing, I’ll write about two items I recently obtained through This time there wasn’t a misunderstanding like with the Tony Taka book I ordered (which the description didn’t claim it was an H book while instead it was), I’m quite satisfied by what I got.

First of all there is Aoi Nanase’s “The Seven Colors of the Wind”:


It is a great illustration book from this artist, mostly featuring illustrations related to novels where she does drawings for. Aoi Nanase is a great artist and this book really gives her some justice, since all the ilustrations are beautiful and in color. Definitely worth the wait (I ordered it in February and it arrived just now).

Then, there is Kanan’s Galaxy Angel Beta manga:


Nice drawings, but not too good story, which is mostly a filler.

P.s.: I wrote this entry a week ago but I forgot to publish them when my notebook’s battery run out. Oops!

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