I got upgrade hardin (my laptop)’s memory at least, bringing it to 1Gb, at last. However I had two 256 Mb modules installed, that means I had to buy two 512 Mb ones. Oh well, I’ll just try to sell those ones. Everything seems snappier now, and even Firefox seems not to clog the CPU when loading pages (I need to experiment more, since I have no clue why that should have changed).

On other things, I’m still very busy. The PhD  classes aren’t over yet (one more week) and I need to do more work on the paper still, only halfway done (plus the revision, which will take a long time). I also need to read a lot of papers and work on other projects, I’m not sure when I’ll manage fo finish…

On an ending note, i finished watching Fate/stay night. Such a good series, such an awful ending, which is also sad. I wish the anime would have drifted from that, but I guess it had to be like that, bah.


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