New happenings on Asura

I’ve recently slowed down my rate of playing at Final Fantasy XI, mostly because the new update is scheduled for the end of the month, and I don’t have much to do nowadays. Besides, part of the people in my group are on holiday or taking breaks so I won’t get to do anything until the 28th of August or so, when I’ll be back from holidays.

Still, I managed to do a few things these weeks. I completed a couple of Assaults, mostly to get points and get items I could sell to raise my in game balance. Also, last week the Astral Candescence was lost for the first time on Asura. Since the server is quite lazy, I tried to recover it with a pick up group I got on the way. We managed to get up to the three Mamool Ja generals:


The fight is hard. The enemy I targeted, a black mage, spams level IV magic, ancient magic and tier III -ga magic. The others can’t be slept reliably, and they hit hard. In other words, we got defeated pretty easily. Still, it was fun.

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