Under Observation

Yesterday, my brother managed to do a BCNM40 with Mercredi and Rezo. It is a battlefield in Horlais Peak, in the San d’Oria region, where a group of three people maximum can enter. It is famous because it can drop a very rare item, the Peacock Charm (Accuracy +10, Ranged Accuracy +10 Dark resistance -10).

There are three enemies on the field, all of the mind gazer type. Two are rather small, and one is larger. The smaller ones use single target fire magic (Fire II) while the big one uses both single target and area of effect (AOE) fire magic (Firaga). All three spam a very annoying move, Hex Eye, that paralyzes everyone that is facing directly towards them.

Mercredi employed a different strategy than usual: him and Rezo came as blue mages, while my brother was a ninja. BLU (short hand for Blue Mage) is  really suited for this battlefield. The trick was to have my brother and Rezo hold the two small gazers without facing them, while Mercredi kited the big one and succesfully bound it with Pinecone Bomb.

Rezo and my brother used either blue magic or ninjutsu to kill the small ones, and then all three focused on the remaining gazers. Head Butt was used to stun it before it could cast Firaga. The strategy failed on the first run, but was succesful in other three. The Peacock Charm didn’t drop, but they got Utsusemi: Ni and Erase, which sold and gave a respectable amount of 500,000 gil to each one.

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