Cooperation and stupidity

While I was viewing Yamato Video’s latest Samurai Troopers DVD, I noticed that in the trailers section there was a part showing off some footage of Chrno Crusade. As a few may know, it’s written Chrno and not Chrono for some obscure reason. What it matters though is that Planet Manga already edited the relevant manga with the name Chrono Crusade (same as what AD Vision did in the United States).

Of course, Yamato didn’t bother changing the title to stir interest from people who already bought the manga. I can bet the adaptation will alos be different and nothing like the manga. This is not new in the Italian market, which is basically a mafia. Everyone knows each other, there are stupid, petty rivalries between the head sections of different companies which basically means that any good idea of cooperation - for mutual advantage - is scrapped  because of stupidity.

Healthy competition and cooperation help. In this case there is no competition, just mutual ignorance. The fact that sales’ figures are kept hidden should tell something. I hope that someday a  real company, whith a sensible business plan (so, nothing like Shin Vision is doing, for example) will come and force the others to act accordingly.

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