UPDATED: Now a movie showing the run is hosted at Google Video.

On Tuesday there was my second attempt at doing Dynamis-Buburimu with United Dynamis. My first attempt, months ago, was a sore loss because of lack of people (and lack of experience, in my opinion). This time we had close to the 36 people needed for the area, and we were much better prepared.


At first only three members entered, to locate the ??? spot that would re-enable support jobs (disabled when you enter one of these areas). It was found relatively quickly. Then there was the matter of the dragons. Seven dragons roam the area, plus one which is the so-called mega boss. Killing the dragons deprives the mega boss of certain special abilities. We killed four of them, we couldn’t do more because of the time limit (you have one hour as soon as you enter, with no extensions until you kill the boss). After that, we took on the Apocalyptic Beast.

It was a hard fight, with numerous deaths (mine included) but we eventually won. Therefore I cleared the area, but it wasn’t over yet. It was time to kill some regular enemies in order to obtain some good items. We started fighting “Nightmare Ravens”. They aren’t hard by themselves, but groups can be problematic. Our puller, Confuse, did a good job, but even him couldn’t fight against bad luck. One of the pulls was so unlucky that it brought around 50 of these monsters. The image below outlines the (obvious) result (thanks to Sephris for letting me use this one):


As you can see, it wasn’t a good result. Nevertheless, the whole run was successful, with 4 pieces of tattered relic armor, one warrior waist piece and one samurai relic piece among the drops (not counting around 50 pieces of Dynamis currency). As my luck always runs out, there weren’t any paladin pieces. Dynamis-Xarcabard is scheduled for next week, and that also is the day where I will fully regain my lotting rights within United. I’m hoping for a Valor Surcoat drop…

Closing this post, here’s a group shot of some United members after the victory:


My brother should work on a movie of the run soon.

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