New kernel

[code]lb@hardin:~$ uname -a
Linux hardin 2.6.17-emission7 [/code]

(the rest of the output was truncated)
Thanks to some folks over at the Ubuntu Web Forums I’ve been working into rolling in my own kernel trying to solve the fact that when I’m shutting down I always get drives in an unclean state (actually only the root partition), giving rise to several errors. I wasn’t content with a vanilla kernel so I decided to use the emission patchset. This enables extra functions like a framebuffer splash (pity about vesafb-tng not working on my video card), suspend2 (an enhanced suspend-to-disk functionality), low latency patches and so on.

I have to say that Debian’s kernel-package is wonderful, in the sense that it automates kernel packaging up to the point of being brain dead almost, and it also automatically compiles out-of-tree modules that have been installed using the *-kernel-source packages. In any case, I’m very happy of the result so far, with the only problem being the inability of setting 16:10 resolutions on the framebuffer. If anyone knows how, please leave a comment.

All is well, however the drives still aren’t unmounted cleanly. Is there a way you can remount a partition read-only just the moment before shutting down?

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