A disappointment: Galaxy Angel II

Recently, Galaxy Angel II has gone on air. I was very interested as I found the original series (and its four seasons, plus specials) to be rather entertaining and funny. So, I watched the first episode eagerly when I had a change to see it. I didn’t expect it to turn into a huge disappointment.

The series features a brand new cast, with only loose relationships (as far as I could tell) with the original series. The episode opens with two of the new characters, one being Millefuille Sakuraba’s (one of the original GA cast) relative.


What disappointed me at first was the presence of fan service, that had been completely absent in the original series. I find it to be a bad point since the show had worked so well without the need of anything even remotely risque. The second important feature is that the episodes are now full-length, i.e. 23 minutes, instead of half-length. This has severe impact on the humor, that held for short time but that grows tiring on the long run. And as far as I could see, the humor is nowhere near the craziness of the original GA (save for the opening, perhaps).


I found the show to be rather dull and boring for the first part. I almost didn’t smile while watching the various gags. BUt the worst, in my opinion, was yet to come. That is because there is actually a more serious part of the story, that shows up briefly near the end of the episode, where the new Angel Tai gets on their frames.


Despite some rather unsuccessful humor during this part, the “serious”, as I can call it, part looks really out of place. It would have been better to do either totally humorous or not, as these last minutes look completely out of place. In short, I was really disappointed. BROCCOLI made a bad move this time. For sure I won’t be watching more of this.

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