ToAU Mission 22

Last Tuesday I assembled a group and we took on the (only) battle present in the new Treasures of Aht Urhgan update. I had to look for members, but since Besieged was going on I lost a lot of time shouting for members. In the end I managed to get a red mage and a ninja along people I had arranged to meet with.

Overall it went smoothly: going through Mount Zhayolm and Halvung presented small difficulties (mostly due to tracking), but we reached the Navukugo Execution Chamber without incidents. Once there, we prepared and fought the Khimaira 13.

The battle was somewhat chaotic: as the monster could attack from any side, it was hard to see who it was attacking. At 50% Sechs used Hundred Fists. It reminded me to raise merits in emity as I couldn’t shake the monster off him after that, not even with Invincible.  But thanks to the efforts of the RDM (Karinkaa) and our white mage (Eithin, as always), no one bit the dust. After the battle it was just the matter of going back to Al Zhabi and doing a few cutscenes (and collecting 5 gold pieces.) Sadly, now I have to wait until the next update to continue…

My brother made a clip of the mission, available on Google Video.

And finally, a side note to point out the behavior of some of the so-called static members I had: Sechs and Eithin behaved excellently as usual, while Rezo and Mercredi didn’t. One disappeared without a word, and still didn’t bother to reply to the messages I sent him (there’s also AIM, you know). Mercredi was the most disappointing of all: I arranged things earlier, made sure he could come, and yet not only he didn’t show up, but he didn’t tell me anything, not even bothered to reply to my AIM messages. Shame on you, Matt! A message would have made the difference.

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