Valor Gauntlets!

At least, after six long months of wait, I obtained a new piece of the Paladin relic set.

It all happened in United Dynamis’ last San d’Oria run. Things started a little late (around thirty minutes), but everything went smoothly. After killing the last notorious monster required for spawning the so called “Mega Boss”, the sponsor decided to farm more, so we moved to try a shot with the Ninja NM on the west side of the area. That’s when the Valor Gauntlets dropped. I admit I got lucky, as I casted a lot of 770, while the others got only 47 and 350. And after the usual 5 minutes’ wait, they went from the treasure pool into my inventory. Here they are:


Now I only need two more parts of the relic set. Next week there is Beaucedine Glacier scheduled, where the Valor Breeches drop. One can hope to be lucky…

And last, here is how I look with this new addition:


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