Final Fantasy XII

I recently completed Final Fantasy XII. Overall it lasted over a month of play (1 hour per day, approximately), so at least I can say that I spent my money decently. The game is very **reminiscent of FFXI, in some areas even identical. It is also quite big, with many sub-quests and monsters to hunt. Not to mention that it is very impressive from a technical point of view. However, the main plot is **awful.

I can’t believe Square Enix took four years to come up with such a bad story. The characters are underdeveloped (if at all) and act like stereotypes most of the time. It seems that the party is built up because the story wants it to: there is no reason for those people to be together. The final enemy is also extremely uninspired.

In the end, power players will probably like the plethora of extras offered, however as a “story” person I felt things could have done differently.

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