Dancougar Nova 2

I’ve watched the second episode of Dancougar Nova, titled Choju Gasshin! yesterday. The animation quality is on a good level (after Gravion I wasn’t so sure) throughout the episode, aside a couple of hiccups here and there.We get to see the crew moving permanently to the base, and they get their “regular” combat outfits:

Aoi in the cockpit

Again there isn’t much time for explanations because when the group is in front of chief Tanaka, an alarm sounds exactly when the good questions are made, so everyone is sent into battle. We get to see some of the mecha forms of the single parts of Dancougar, as long as the animal forms (something in common with its predecessor). Of course at a certain point it’s time to form the main mecha, so there’s the Choju Gasshin sequence.

Aoi during Choju Gasshin

Dancougar Nova is formed

Last but not least, the Dancougar Nova shows off one of its weapon, the Danku Ho _(again this was also present in the original Dancougar, though here it looks a bit different):_

Danku Ho

The episode ends shortly afterwards, with a sort of cliffhanger. I’m surely curious to see what’s next, though I hope the characters will get a little more depth (it’s a mecha show, I don’t expect too much, but just a bit more than now).

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