Dancougar Nova

Since almost everyone’s attention is focused on Naruto Shippuden, not many noticed that on Feb 15th a new mecha show was aired. Titled Juso Kiko Dancougar Nova, this anime is a remake/sequel (I need to figure this out) of the 198X series _Choju Kishin Dancougar _(Super Machine Beast God Dancougar), and coincidentally animated by the same studio (Ashi Productions).

The character designs are by Sailormoon’s _Kazuko Tadano, while the main mecha design and direction are by Masami Obari (_Chojushin Gravion, VIRUS Buster Serge, Garo Densetsu/Fatal Fury).

Dancougar Nova

The episode quickly introduces the four pilots of the robot, who are basically kidnapped and brought to an island where the main base is.


A brief explanation, and the team is sent into battle. There aren’t any more large conflicts, just small ones, and the point of the Dancougar is to stop them.

Another shot of the Dancougar Nova

As a matter of fact, it manages pretty well, as it tackles an enemy mech:

Dancougar disposes of the opposition

The animation is overall nice, although in some scenes the quality falls noticeably. I can’t say anything about the story yet, of course. I’m not too pleased that it will be just 12 episodes long, however. Given what has happened with Gravion, this could be another mistake. But again, time will tell.

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