Dancougar Nova 3

Last week (this should show how behind I am in writing things) I watched the third episode of Dancougar Nova. This new episode gives an insight about what the group (nicknamed Team D where D stands for Dangerous - I am getting a deja vu with regards to Tekkaman Blade’s D-Boy…) is supposed to do and more details about the Dancougar itself.

Johnny having a meal

After picking up after the cliffhanger of episode 2, this one gives (like the others) almost all equal screen time for all the characters. It tends to feel quite odd, not because it’s bad, but because such a practice is normally uncommon in Japanese animation.

A meeting

After a more detailed explanation on the duties of Team D, the group is again briefed by Tanaka and then sent off on another mission, in a now destroyed town where heavy fighting is taking place.

Humanoid mode

This is a good excuse to show the “humanoid mode” of the various parts of the Dancougar. As usual it’s almost an one-sided battle as the enemy units are no match for them at all. Then the commander changes his “Genocidron into grappler mode” and the Dancougar forms (same sequence as episode 2). After a brief intermission with a group of children who want to fight for their own country, we get to see another weapon of the Dancougar, the _Danku Ken _(after an explicit order from the mysterious man behind the organization, F.S.):

Danku Ken

This is almost the only well animated part of this episode (I’ll get to that shortly): basically the Dancougar pulls out a sword and cuts the Genocidron in two (while the commander miracolously manages to escape). Then, while the children are cheering the robot, the Dancougar turns back and leaves, much to their disappointment, because it can not take sides.

Story-wise we’re still on decent levels, with some comical intermissions that are a little out of place, but the rather serious ending (and Aoi’s thoughts on the actions of the Dancougar) make up for that. What is really bad about this episode is the animation: it’s really low quality, save for stock footage. A quick look at the credits reveals that the work was done by a Korean company. I really hope this is just an isolated case,and doesn’t end up like_ Gravion_…

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