Today I decided to give the new Oxygen icon theme (the default icon theme for KDE 4, as Troy Unrau explains effectively on dot.kde.org) a spin. Since it’s not (obviously) available for KDE 3.x, I had to do a checkout from SVN (from trunk/KDE/kdelibs/pics, since they were recently moved there). Then it was a matter of moving the oxygen folder to /usr/share/icons and selecting the theme in kcontrol.

However, since Oxygen recently moved to the naming specification set by the Tango Project, some icons weren’t replaced. I had to modify the icons in the toolbars manually. Here is how my Konqueror looks right now (I disabled previews to show the icons), but keep in mind that the set is nowhere near finished, and probably not even meant to be installed on KDE 3.x:

Konqueror with Oxygen icons

And another screenshot, showing more icon types:

More Oxygen icons

While it’s still a work in progress, I can say I really like the new icons, they have a better feel than old Crystal. Also, the Oxygen Team, unlike Everaldo with Crystal, has chosen a license for their artwork (CC BY-SA 3.0) and also provides the full SVG sources (and most of them are done with Inkscape, which is FOSS).

I’ll keep doing a couple of checkouts per week to see how it evolves.

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