The behavior of some people in FFXI is certainly excessive to say the list, with many people (especially in the “endgame” linkshells) showing an extremely arrogant and impolite attitude. I had a really nice show of that yesterday, when I went out to get a few merit points with my static group.

We chose the Mamool Ja staging point (though I don’t like it that much) and set in the northernmost part. That area can accomodate two parties without hassle and needless competition. Or so I thought, because the other party there was from the Tribe linkshell. I’ve been disliking them for a long time, not because of their “endgame” activities (I am not involved at all) but because of their “we’re Tribe, we can do anything” attitude.

Such attitude manifested itself with a member saying something like “Either move, or don’t get any experience at all”. Of course I and the others ignored their remarks, but I couldn’t help saying what I thought: that Tribe, because of that, is one of the lamest LSes on the Asura server.  Of course they tried to get as many monsters as possible, but as I predicted, it gave us no harm at all. Nor the “tries” to make “fun” of our party members (are those people 10?).

In the end it was a proficient session  for me (another merit point obtained) and I saw with my own eyes that some people in FFXI need to get a life… at least some of the ones in Tribe.

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