A small project

Since I’ve been aggregated to the AnimeBlogger.net Antenna I noticed a number of new visitors coming to my blog. I’m taking the opportunity (see post title) to bring the attention on a pet project of mine, which is also quite tied to anime.

Some of you may remember that in Japan and in general around Far East there is a “literary” genre that is quite succesful, the illustrated novel. There area great deal (Fujimi Shobo is one of the most famous publishers of these books), and some notable titles are Slayers, Majutsushi Orphen,_ and _Kino no Tabi (some of these have been also translated to English).

Well, what has that to do with a project of mine (no cheating: don’t turn to the Projects page)? A number of years ago (10 to be precise) I and my twin brother decided to write a horror novel which was inspired by classical horror novelists and also anime. While I was writing it we got the idea of making an illustrated novel. After many attempts my brother found an amazing artist who graciously agreed to work for us. You can see an example below (showing the main character, Yumiko Hasegawa):

Yumiko in the forest

If you are interested and want to take a look, the project has its own web page, http://www.stealsaga.net: it provides additional information on the art and the novel itself. If you end up there, please don’t forget to leave a comment.

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