Dancougar Nova DVD 1


Yesterday I got the first DVD of Dancougar Nova in the mail. As it’s a first press edition, there were two nice postcards inside (one of the Dancougar itself, one of Aoi) and the cover is reversible, again showing either the mech or Aoi (the one shown in this post, which is also available in the gallery).

So what has changed from the TV version? As far as I can tell, not much as the first two episodes were the ones with the best animation (along with episode 12) , though the DVD cover mentions something changed in episode 2. What is noticeable is the huge jump in image quality, the pictures are much better than the TV version, and also the format switched to anamorphic 16:9.
UPDATE: The changes aren’t that trivial at all, there is a whole new part that explans how Sakuya gets his communication device to contact the Dragon’s Hive.

There are little extras (as usual with Japanese DVD releases), mainly an interview with the staff and a settei gallery (those look bad on a PC screen; I haven’t tried on TV). Next DVD is out at the end of June, I really hope some episodes have been redrawn.

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