Due to maintenance, we couldn’t do Dynamis on Tuesday. Instead, we settled for the new large-scale battlefield that has been added in the new update: Einherjar.

The idea is to gather up to 36 people in a large chamber filled with monsters, usually undead. Entrance is gained by using a lamp similar to Dynamis’s hourglass. Once inside, players have 30 minutes to completely clear the enemies then kill a mega boss. Doing so enables them - on the long run - to obtain rather nice items (I’m interested in the Ritter Gorget). Some abjurations also drop there.

In any case, on to our run. We faced a lot of ghosts upon entering, as you can see from here (click on the pictures to enlarge):


While one of the tanks (Scudley) acted as main assist, I frantically ran from one side to another to keep hate on the enemies our bards had slept (since they’re dark resistant, Lullaby works best on them) and the rest of the alliance kept on blowing them to pieces:


After dealing with all the enemies, we had still 10 minutes left, so we made a run for the boss:


Well, it turned out it had an insanely large amount of HP and an even stronger defense. Add that some of its attacks caused an attack down status, and you can imagine we couldn’t defeat it in time.


Nevertheless, it was a rather fun session, completely different from what I had expected. I look forward to doing more of these.

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