ToAU Mission 35 - take 2

On Wednesday we tried Mission 35 again and this time was a success. Daman was not present, but we’ll do another run for him on Sunday.

We still got a black mage as sixth member, and we approached Gessho again. The first time was a semi-disaster, as I could not hold our monk (Sechs) and also because Gessho used Mijin Gakure with all his clones out, decimating our party as a result. The second attempt was more conservative, I used Harmonia’s Torque (+3 Enmity) and High Breath Mantle (+5 Enmity) to keep the enemy on me, and also Sechs used the Kirin’s Osode in place of the Shura Togi.

All went well, generally speaking, until Gessho used Mijin Gakure. After that our RDM started with Chainspell but his macros lagged and he could not get Stun out, and Gessho called his clones. I had already used Invincible so I was just slaughtered, along with the WHM (Eithin) who had casted Curaga III just seconds before the clones appeared. Next was Sechs, though he damaged Gessho a lot with Hundred Fists. The BLM could only land one Blizzard IV before falling.

All was not lost though, as the RNG (Necronemesi) landed Eagle Eye Shot and killed Gessho. This battle was a tough one, and I’m going to change the strategy a bit for Sunday’s run.

As usual, we have a movie available. There’s also an embedded version below:


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