Looks like NRK beat me to it, but I’ve seen this film myself yesterday night.

To be frank, I wasn’t really expecting a nice result. That is, because most Hollywood “conversions” from other franchises often end up being terrible (Street Fighter, anyone?). Nevertheless, having watched the animated series when I was little (it was good, despite some shortcomings), I was set on seeing Transformers since its original announcement.

Despite not being related to the TV series, I found it to be rather good. The various CG effects for the robots are really well done, especially since they’re quite integrated with the rest of the scenes. I recognized the most famous robots (Megatron, Starscream, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee) but some others not, mainly because the Italian version used different names.

What about the story? Well, being a film by Michael Bay, you can’t expect the tiniest amount of depth in a very linear storyline. Aside the (long) action sequences there are some “funny” moments that sometimes are a little too out of context, and of course a certain self-celebration of everything USA.

Despite the shortcomings, the film is quite fun and watchable. The ending is rather open, so a sequel is likely to come up.

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