Treasures of Aht Urghan Mission 44

At last, I’ve made it!  Last Wednesday my group took on the last mission of this expansion, “Nashmeira’s Plea”. I was expecting something as tough as Dawn from Chains of Promathia, but that wasn’t the case.

The battle has a 45 minute limit and is split into two phases. In the first, you have to fight a Blue Mage called Raubahn and the Grand Vizier Razfahd in the Iron Colossus armor. Raubahn is the real nuisance here, because his Eyes on Me blue magic can cause really high damage, and because he reraises twice after being defeated.

As a matter of fact, our first try was terrible, with me and Daman biting the dust really fast. We then retried, and by alternating use of the Stun spell we managed to block Eyes on Me a lot of times. Razfahd was really weak, therefore we brought him down to 50% really fast.

Then, Alexander, the real thing, appeared on the scene! Our strategy was to keep me at distance holding him, while Daman (BLM), Necronemesi (RNG) and Sechs (MNK) attacked it from behind (he does not move). On a side, Eithin (WHM) and Mitsuashi (RDM/DRK) dealt with cures and other spells.

Alexander spammed his Radiant Sacrament move, but I was able to survive until his HP reached 50%. Then he used his special move, Divine Judgment, but surprisingly it didn’t kill me. I quickly used a vile elixir to gain some HP while Eithin healed me.

The last part was chaotic: I was out of MP, and enmity bounced a little among other members. Then Alexander started shooting Radiant Sacrament like a machine gun, and I had to use Invincible.  That didn’t help with enmity, since Necronemesi got shot and died (he reraised later though). In the end, Sechs and Mitsuashi used their 2-hour abilities and Alexander was defeated.

It was a long and draining battle but nowhere as challenging as Promathia. Also the story has numerous holes and looks rushed, although it is nice and the direction is really well done.  I want to  see what Wings of the Goddess  will offer.

Of course, there is an obligatory movie. Almost 15 mins long, it also features a custom ending directed by my brother. Embedded video is below, otherwise you can get the high quality version (warning: it’s more than 120 Mb in size).


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