Wings of the Goddess - the details emerge

And so I’m reading that the FFXI Fan Festival has kicked off yesterday (I wish I could have been there). Naturally, reports have been flowing. The FFXI Encyclopedia has a good report of what has been said so far. 1up, the online branch of EGM, has also covered the event, but the article is only focusing on the new jobs (talk about explaining something no one else will ask… not to mention the attitude of that “journalist”).

Some random thoughts:

  • A lot of people have been asking about a “new tank”. Personally I think Square Enix will never create a new one, because otherwise people will just stick the Ninja subjob to it, while they don’t seem to keen on “uniforming” things;

  • Dancer seems a technical job. Whether the playerbase will try to screw it up (like they did with the Bard) or not remains to be seen. It is certainly interesting to have a healer/enfeebler who uses TP;

  • I haven’t seen anything of the Scholar (save a - rather useless - video where two bash a bee with a dancer), especially regarding abilities and spells;

  • No one seems to have asked anything about the missions. The first ones in Treasures of Aht Urghan were embarassing to say the least (little content, no player action, artificially lengthened), so I would hope the developers have learnt from that.

The people at Square Enix said that FFXI is not finishing with Wings of the Goddess. I wonder if it is true: the codebase is many years old and I’m unsure of how much this MMORPG  will be profitable for them in the next years.

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