Two in one

As you may know (unless you’ve been living in Alpha Centauri for the past century) the openSUSE community KDE team publishes LiveCD images for those willing to test the latest state of KDE software from the git master branches without having to break machines, causing a zombie apocalypse and so on. This post highlights the most recent developments in the area.

Up to now, we had 3 different media, depending on the base distribution (stable Leap, ever-rolling Tumbleweed) and whether you wanted to go with the safe road (X11 session) or the dangerous path (Wayland):

  • Argon (Leap based)
  • Krypton (Tumbleweed based, X11)
  • Krypton Wayland (Tumbleweed based, Wayland)

So far we’ve been trying to build new images in sync with the updates to the Unstable KDE software repositories. With the recent switch to being Qt 5.7 based, they broke. That’s when Fabian Vogt stepped up and fixed a number of outstanding issues with the images as well.

But that wasn’t enough. It was clear that perhaps a separate image for Wayland wasn’t required (after all, you could always start a session from SDDM). So, perhaps it was the time to merge the two…

Therefore, from today, the Krypton image will contain both the X11 session and the Wayland session. You can select which session to use from the SDDM screen. Bear in mind that if you use a virtual machine like QEMU, you may not be able to start Wayland from SDDM due to this bug.

Download links:

Should you want to use these live images, remember where to report distro bugs and where to report issues in the software. Have a lot of fun!

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