My experience with KDE4, part 2

I obviously did not want to stop with a single compile of KDE4, therefore I’m updating more or less randomly my build off the SVN to check what has been changing.

The first and most important change since my last post was the addition of the K-menu in the taskbar: Kickoff was moved from playground (where it resided) to kdebase. Also, kate now works perfectly, and is already usable as a full-blown text editor.

Last time I did not test gwenview, the KDE image viewer, and now I can happily report it works. I like the new UI, with the sidebar (which can be hidden if needed). Here is a screenshot of it in action:

Gwenview in KDE4 Aside that, I’ve tried again to compile kdenetwork without much success: the codebase seems in a state of flux right now, and errors pop up here and there. Too bad, as I really wanted to see the new KRDC. While I wait for it to be fixed, I installed kdemultimedia: so far I’ve only tested kmix, and it seems to work (it displays the interface but I have no idea if it actually modifies the volume). I’m not daring to touch kdepim as I know kmail4 is in very bad shape right now.

I’ve also tried to compile some Plasma applets from playground but I get CMake errors, I assume I need to checkout something else needed for it to work.

I’ll keep on reporting in the next days, when I get time.

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