The next iteration of the Plasma FAQ - call for help

A few may know that I more or less maintain the Plasma FAQ page on KDE’s UserBase. Given the rapid advance of Plasma between KDE versions, each time a new version is out a new FAQ needs to be made, as the content rapidly becomes obsolete. For 4.3, unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ll be able to put a new version up in time for the 4.3 release.

The reason is mostly practical: it takes a bit of work to collect and add information, and currently my free time is limited due to a rather heavy workload and some other commitments. As UserBase is a wiki, I thought I could ask the KDE community at large if I could get some help in having a new version ready before release.

The big advantage is that you don’t need any special coding skills, just a knowledge of Plasma and being able to run 4.3 (RC2 at this stage). I have already made a skeleton page: people can edit bits of information, removing outdated items and adding new ones. Also, Aaron’s excellent screencast can be used to see which new features are in Plasma.

If you have wondered how to help KDE without being able to code, this is a good opportunity to do so!

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