KDE:Unstable:Playground is no more (or: adjustments in KDE repositories)

As you may know, there is an ongoing effort to rearrange and adjust the openSUSE KDE repositories. In line with the previously announced deletions, and more recent adjustments, a number of changes went into the organization and layout of the KDE repositories:

  • KDE:Distro:Factory and KDE:Release:4xy will now hold the “core” KDE packages: this means the base Development Platform, Workspaces and Applications, and additional applications for a basic desktop experience. Other, non-core packages have been moved to KDE:Extra

  • “Extra” packages that qualify as non-core are now in the KDE:Extra repository. If you are a previous user of KRxy or KDF, you might want to add the relevant Extra repository

  • KDE:Unstable:Playground is no more, replaced by KDE:Unstable:Extra

In addition, the repository page on the openSUSE wiki has been updated to reflect these changes. If in doubt, take a look there.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to hop on #opensuse-kde on Freenode, or use the opensuse-kde mailing list.

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