Opinion on the KDE Krush day

Yesterday I spent some of my free time to help with the KDE 4.0 Krush Day. Unfortunately, I did a lot less than what I was supposed to do, mainly because at some point the home directory ran out of space (I forgot to remove qt-copy object files), then I inadvertently removed some of the directories and I had to re-sync with SVN.

Nevertheless, it was interesting and nice to be able to contribute even if you don’t speak C++. I reported a crash in Gwenview, and some problems regarding the use of authentication with IO-slaves. I also confirmed a few other issues some others raised.

In general terms, though, I think the day was a success: if you look at the relevant TechBase page, you’ll see that there were a lot of issues reported, and some of them have been already fixed (or patches are in progress).

I hope that the positive experience from this first day will prompt the KDE developers to hold more in the future.

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