Hello Planet KDE

If everything has gone correctly, my blog should be on PlanetKDE now. That means it’s time for an introduction for those readers. My name is Luca Beltrame, I’m a biotechnologist doing bioinformatics in the life sciences areas, and I’m a Free Software user/enthusiast since many years.

I’ve been using KDE since 1.0 or so (if memory serves me well), but only recently, with the 4.x line of development, I’ve been trying to actually contribute a bit back to the project. Since I’m just a Python learner at the moment (I use Python a lot where I work, but it’s just text manipulation), I thought there were other areas I could contribute to. Currently, I maintain the Plasma FAQ, and I’ve been working together with Simon Edwards for some Python Plasma tutorials.

In more recent times, I entered the KDE Forums staff as a mentor (and all-around writer) and helped students with the second Kourse of the forum, namely Plasma screencasts. In the past I have done a few Plasma screencasts myself in the past.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to blog mostly on KDE Forum related matters, with “opinion” pieces every now and then.

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