An expedition in the QML realm

Among the different widgets I use on my desktop, there is a small one which tells me my current public IP address. The reason I’m having it is due to the fact that my own ISP uses a NAT for almost all its customers (don’t ask - long story) and so I need to keep tabs on my current IP, because it may have been blacklisted, and so on.

Up to now I was using this plasmoid written in Python, but the code had several issues and used its own way of getting the public IP. However, I knew Plasma has already a way to give you your IP, that is the geolocation _DataEngine. I thought of adjusting the current widget to use this engine, but then I thought “_What if I make one in QML?”.

It turned out to be a rather easy task, which I accomplished in less than one hour, by reading up some documentation, examples and of course pestering people on IRC. ;)

All I needed to have the IP ready was

PlasmaCore.DataSource {
        id: dataSource
        dataEngine: "geolocation"
        connectedSources: ['location']
        interval: 500

        onNewData: {
            if (sourceName == 'location') {
                ipAddr.text = data.ip

where ipAddr was a Text element.

And that’s how is the final result (mimicking the other widget I took it from):

Plasmoid in action

There are still a number of issues, for example getting the right size when started, and ensuring it’s not resized to a too little size. But I was surprised that it was so easy.

Interested parties can grab it by cloning and installing:

git clone
plasmapkg -i ip-address-viewer/

Suggestions on code quality are welcome.

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