Interesting plasmoid: Drop2Tag

While browsing around, I’ve stumbled upon a nice little Plasma scripted widget, and I’m publishing this to have it get more exposure.

A good part of the KDE community knows at least little about Nepomuk, and its ability to attach semantic tags to your files - basically words that describe the file, be it an image, a text document, or anything you’d like. For example, you could tag all the photos from your vacation with the name of the place you’ve been. After that, you can recall tagged files by accessing the nepomuksearch://hasTag:TAG_NAME url in Dolphin or Konqueror (there are more advanced uses, but I won’t cover them here), where TAG_NAME is your tag.

Up to now, the usual way to tag files was to either select them in batch and add a tag, or do them individually, then click “Add tag”, then select the tag or create a new one. It was kind of laborious, although not too complicated. And that’s where Drop2Tag comes in.

Drop2Tag in plasmoidviewer

Drop2Tag stays in your desktop, configured for one of your Nepomuk tags. Then, you just need to drag files to it to have them automatically tagged. Also, clicking on the big Nepomuk icon will open your file manager with the nepomuksearch://hasTag URL with the selected tag. Neat.

The plasmoid is written in Python (I’ve taken a look at its source) and despite being very early in development, it already does the job very nicely - I have put one on my “Graphics manipulation” desktop activity to tag photos and images. A nice addition would be to select the tag from the plasmoid itself, rather than using the configuration option - it would make things much more flexible. Perhaps a Plasma.ComboBox would do the job here.

In any case, I’d like to congratulate its author (nik3nt3) for a job well done.

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