PM6-4 redux

(Note: I should really start posting more often nowadays)

Last monday, for one of my group, I re-did one of the hardest missions of the whole Chains of Promathia expansion: PM6-4, better known as “One to be Feared”. I was looking forward to redoing it, mainly because I wanted to see if the adjustments that came after I finished the expansion (Sentinel modification, shield blocks modification, etc.) made the job easier.

The first attempt was embarassing, because we all died in the supposedly “easy” stage, fighting the five mammets. We redid it using the so-called “super tank” method (extremely boring on my part, sadly) and we moved on to do a dry run (no items, no two-hour abilities) on Omega and Ultima. We got Omega down to around 40% before it killed us. I noticed that the new abilities helped a lot, but it was still hard, and worse, I had become very rusty on such difficult fights.

The third time was our winning run, and went well. Both the party and I got into the right mindset and with two more or less controlled wipes, and the use of CCB Polymer pumps, we were able to achieve victory. It was even fun… more fun than the offered so far. I hope that the new update (scheduled for mid-June) will bring at least half as that fun.

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