Introducing KDialogue

In line with the project’s committment to openness, the KDE developers and contributors are not a secretive bunch. In fact, the “People Behind KDE” initiative has provided the community with interviews of quite a number of the developers. And by reading those interviews, haven’t you ever felt the need of asking a specific question, outside from those prepared by the interviewer? For example, more details about what the specific developer is doing, or what his/her plans are for the next version of KDE.

So far, all that was just a passing thought in someone’s mind. Not anymore… because today I’d like to introduce the newest initiative by the KDE Community Forums, in cooperation with other members of the KDE community: KDialogue!

(image courtesy of forum staff member Hans)

How does it work?

At fixed intervals, a KDE contributor will be asked to participate in a dialogue. The community will be able to propose questions in a special forum set up at the KDE Community Forums, and people can vote on questions they would like to see answered (in a similar vein, although simplified, to the KDE Brainstorm). It means that you, the community members, choose the questions. The voting will stay opened into seven days before the dialogue, and at that point that the top-voted questions will be emailed to the contributor. The answers will be then published on the web page.

The first KDialogue will be announced soon. Take the chance to be part of the community!

Dialogue & Discussion